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Infinet Service Solutions are support specialists, providing a suite of Engineering, After Sales Support, Reverse Logistic and Administrative services to the Information Technology and Digital Consumer Electronics industries. We take on your obligations in Field service, On-Site Service, Defective Spare parts and RMA inventory management and administration. And we leave you free to do what you do best: run your central operations without distraction.

Infinet Service Solutions can provide you with the following range of services:

Field and on-Site Engineering Services
Infinet Service Solutions provides a wide range of skilled engineers to cover your Field and On-Site Engineering commitments to your customers at an overall cost less than providing the same services with highly paid internal engineers. These saving can be achieved seamlessly and at reduced cost to you without suffering any degradation in service levels to your customers. You maintain full account control and Infinet Service Solutions provides you with suitable equipped customer service engineers.

Engineering Services
Infinet Service Solutions’ electronic and computer repair and refurbishment services can save you substantial sums in both downtime losses and repair costs. Infinet Service Solutions provides guaranteed rapid-response servicing and repair turn-around times at an agreed rate.

Reverse Logistics and Warranty fulfillment Services
Infinet Service Solutions offers a full range of Reverse Logistics and Warranty Fulfillment services to its IT and Consumer Electronics Clients end user customers.

Administrative Services
Focus your management, minds and ability. Let Infinet Service Solutions execute the "fiddly" but vital tasks such as advance exchange and warranty verification activities.


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